• Independent since 18 October 1991 

  • OSCE membership since 30 January 1992

  • CoE membership since 25 January 2001

  • Constitution: adopted12 November 1995, last amended in March 2009
    Form of government: Unitary presidential republic

  • Population: 9,494,600 (est. 2014)

  • Registered Voters: 5,214,787 (October 2013)


  • Head of state: President, absolute majority vote, two-round system, 5-year term, 2009 referendum eliminated presidential term limit

Since October 2003 Ilham Aliyev (reelected 2008)

  • Head of government: Prime Minister, appointed by the president, approved by the parliament

Since 4 November 2003 Artur Rasizade


  • Assembly: unicameral

National Assembly (Milli Məclis), 125 deputies, 5-year term, majoritarian system, single-mandate constituencies, one round.


Election Monitoring and Democracy Studies Center (EMDS)


Election Monitoring and Democracy Studies Center (EMDS) is an independent and impartial non-governmental organization which work for holding free and fair elections, development of civil society and democracy in Azerbaijan. Election Monitoring and Democratic Studies Center (EMDS) was founded on 1st of December in 2008 by the founders and members of Election Monitoring Center (EMC) which state registration was denounced.




156/3 Vaqif Avenue,  AZ 1007, Baku, Azerbaijan;




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Presidential election: 2018
Parliamentary election: 1 November 2015


Electoral code of the Republic of Azerbaijan, last amended in April 2013


Download here: PDF (EN)  |  PDF (AZ)

(source: Central Election Commission of Azerbaijan)




Presidential election

9 October 2013


First interim report on the nomination and registration of candidates, 16 September 2013

PDF (EN)  |   PDF (AZ)


Second Interim Report on the pre-election campaign

PDF (EN)  |  PDF (AZ)


Preliminary Statement on the Findings of Election Monitoring



Press release: EPDE concerned about EP and PACE statement on Presidential Election In Azerbaijan



EMDS statement 17 October 2013: Opinions on independent observers should be studied and investigated



EMDS first post-election statement on investigation of election complaints



OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights

access here


International Foundation for Electoral Systems

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Venice Commission of the Council of Europe (documents)

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IDEA Voter Turnout Data

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