Promo-LEX Association


Promo-LEX Association is a civil society organization established in 2002 as a human rights and advocacy organization whose purpose is to advance democracy in the Republic of Moldova, including the Transnistrian region through promoting and defending human rights, monitoring democratic processes and strengthening the civil society.


Promo-LEX is the leading NGO with expertise in independent election monitoring in Moldova and from 2009:

  • observed 5 national elections (LTO and STO observation, QC, PVT);
  • launched 18 election monitoring reports and made 100 recommendations for improving electoral legislation;
  • participated in 7 international missions;
  • became member of ENEMO and GNDEM.


Association Promo-LEX
11, Dumitru Riscanu str, off 41
For correspondence:
P.O.Box 89,
MD 2012, Chisinau, Moldova
Tel: + 373 22 450024, 492684, 449626
Fax: + 373 22 450024
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